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SHAPERMART® is a global shapewear E-Commerce Retailer with Distribution Centers across North America, Europe & Asia. All items listed are suitable and the best body shaper and shapewear for men and women. Shapermart lists best designed in-house or sourced from various small businesses across the globe, with the utmost attention to quality. We understand that everyone has different choices & interests, which is why we’re committed to delivering shapewear products that are as unique as you are!

We have around 10000 shapewear for women and of different sizes colors and varieties. Best plus size shapewear for lower belly pooch is the best seller in North America. Usually, our customers prefer it to buy from us, the reason is they are getting the same what they see here in the image. We have 24×7 customer care to assist you to choose the right size.

We encourage our customers to leave honest reviews about the products in our store, our service, and shopping experience.

On this page, you can explore Shapermart reviews and also product reviews that you might find helpful.

The Shapermart community is a group of strong, like-minded women. Where everyone knows shapewear isn’t about hiding, but about feeling comfortable in your own skin, confident, and empowered.

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